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Furwood Forest custom Cat Furniture

Unique and beautiful quality cat tree furniture that your cats will enjoy for years!
Rustic cat trees and cat furniture that your feline friends will love!

Our mission at Furwood Forest is to offer the best, most beautiful cat friendly American made cat tree furniture available anywhere. We know cats. We all have cats. We know your cat will love these one of a kind hand built tree as much as our cats do.

Sturdy, Handmade Construction - Built to Last!

Our cat trees are easy to climb and sturdy enough for large Maine Coons. The staggered stair step and placement of levels found in our trees provides your cat with a safe way to climb up and down the tree.

They love the stretching they can comfortably do. The heavy duty construction and quality thick lush carpet will help your cat tree last for years.

Our trees allow both kittens and older cats to climb, play, relax, and most importantly, exercise safely.

Our trees last! They are uniquely beautiful and cat friendly. You just won't find another company that goes to such lengths to please you and your cats.

Cat Tree Furniture Shipped Nationwide!

Each Furwood Forest cat tree is handmade and a unique piece of art. We have a standard line of cat furniture pieces, although by the nature of their creation, each is slightly different. We use natural tree branches and pieces of hardwood for all other poles and platforms.

We also can also customize our cat furniture to meet your cats' needs.
Want an extra level? Some additional sisal poles? A little kitty hideaway? Just ask!

We can also manufacture a cat tree or other piece of cat furniture to your specifications.

If you would like to place an order for your own customized cat tree email us at with your telephone number.
Fill out our "Request an Order" form and send us the type of cat furniture and add ons that you want. We'll get back to you with complete pricing

We will be happy to call you and customize your cat tree.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Steve Hall, Craftman and Designer